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Hey Babes, this BONUS course includes all of my courses I have created that will give you all of the knowlede you need to start a SUCCESSFUL Digital Products journey . 


It includes:

-5 simple steps to create a profitable ebook/course (This teaches you how to make your OWN using Canva)

-Market Like Barb (This teaches you all of my techniques & strategies to market your products & it also includes a list of 50 digital products to sell)

-30 Day Digital Products Checklist (This will prepare you for a successful LAUNCH)

-Barb's Cheat Sheet For Digital Products (This will help you with pricing , how to increase sales, how to promote & more)

-Demonstration video 31:29sec 


This video is going to teach you how to use the software to make your own digital product (course, ebook, planner, journal, etc. in LESS THAN 60 seconds. This video will also teach you what site to go on to purchase digital products and resell them as your very OWN. YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANY WORK ALL THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU! Say bye to spending countless hours on trying to perfect your OWN digital product they have done all the work for you!


Imagine making an extra $5k-$10k PROFIT a month without the hassle of having create your own didgital product yourself. Your fear of making your own digital products should no longer stop you from starting this easy profitable journey. You can now start making sales RIGHT AWAY!!!



**40 pages long**

ALL IN 1 PACKAGE Barb's Digital Products Marketing BONUS Course (VIDEO INCLUDED)

$249.99 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
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