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This playbook includes all of my virtual courses. These 4 courses are a $749.99 VALUE & are going for only $199 package deal. Below will be a brief description on what each one includes. 


-Barb's Tips and Tricks on How to Grow Your Youtube(I got monetized in 4 months): This course is going to teach you how to grow your Youtube. The chapters included in order are Titles, thumbnails, When to post/record, Free music, Editing, How to get monetized, Interesting videos, Description, Confidence, Scheduling post/batching content, Intros/intro speech, negative comments, how long did it take me?, tips and tricks,how to get sponsorships.


-Let Barb Show You The REEL Deal on How to Go Viral on TikTok and IG: In this course I will teach you all of the actions and steps it takes to go viral on IG and Tiktok. This course also includes how I edit my videos. The chapters included in order are Equipment, What apps to use/Music and sounds, When to record/How to record, Editing PT.1 PT.2 PT.3, How to plan out your videos, When to post.


-Market Like Barb: This video is going to teach you how to take. and edit product pictures, camera settings for high quality videos, how to find trending sounds on tiktok, how to access trending templates for tiktok, how to utilize editing software, how CTA's(call to action) work, etc.


-The CHEAT CODE when it comes to Digital Products : 

This video is going to teach you how to use the specific software to make your own digital product (course, ebook, planner, journal, etc. in LESS THAN 60 seconds. This video will also teach you what site to go on to purchase digital products and resell them as your very OWN. YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANY WORK ALL THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU! Say bye to spending countless hours on trying to perfect your OWN digital product they have done all the work for you! 



Barb's Virtual Learning Playbook

$749.99 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
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