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140 pages long. Includes all 9 courses above + my PERSONAL vendor list which you will need if you are new to the entreprenuer journey. Im saving you lots of time on sampling products &/or being scammed! 



-Market Like Barb

-How to Calculate Price to See PROFIT

-Business Financial Management Guide

-Ways to Balance Work & Personal & Still Have FREE Time

-IG 3 C's (Correct,Collab,Collect)

-How to Boss Ya Life Up Guide (Original)

-How to Become That Girl 

-5 Simple Steps to Creating a PPROFITABLE ebook/course

-Financial Building, Growing & Maintaining Consistent Results

+ Barb's Personal Vendor List


Grab this course today. It will guide you to SUCCESS!


(Please note this course is a $299 it was only $199 for 24hrs after it went live)


This BONUS COURSE will teach you how to start or maintain your current business , business funding , business/personal budgeting , how to see more PROFIT within your business , how to balance business & personal , how to create courses/digital products , how to become an influencer, how much to charge for sponsorships , how to edit pictures , business taxes , financial reports, business banking, how to market physical & digital products & soooo much more !


This course provides all the info that got me to where I am today. Everything in this course is helpful info that will literally guide you to success. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. I stepped out of my comfort zone and now within a year & 10 months I have made $580,000+ PROFIT by selling digital products ONLY! I never thought this would happen so soon for me, but its like how could you know without even TRYING SOMETHING NEW TO FIND OUT. I literally effed around and found out lol. This could be you! DO NOT worry about the followers worry about posting that consistent content with the strategies and techniques I have given you in this course and everything else will fall into place on its own babe. 




$700.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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