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I'm super excited to be sharing my Marketing Techniques with all of you! As alot of you may know I started my business back in 2017 and I had literally zero knowledge of how to market my business which is why I was barely getting any sales.


Fast forward to 2023, 6 years later, I have mastered the marketing for not only physical products, but for digital products as well. Without knowing how to market your brand/business will remain at a standstill, but no worries, because I have done all the work for you. I have made over 1 million in sales from my cosmetics business and $200,000 in sales ALL PROFIT from my digital courses.


I started this journey ONLY 1 year ago! Anybody can do this. YOU CAN DO THIS, but you MUST put the techniques I provide you to use CONSISTENTLY. The best part about this course is that it includes a 46 minute virtual course of me dropping tons of gems, as well as a list of 50 digital products to choose from, what platforms to sell on,  and it also includes my 30 day digital products checklist to prepare  you for a successful LAUNCH! 2023 is your year. Lets get this money babe! THERE IS PLENTY TO GO AROUND (26 pages)


$200.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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